Letter To My Junior Brother About Sex, Love & Relationship

Letter To My Junior Brother About Sex, Love & Relationship

By Anugom C.

Sex Education: With Love, Big Sis.

Dear Emmanuel,
How are you doing little bro? You may be wondering why I’m writing you a letter why I couldn’t just call? but I’m writing this today because of what Mummy told me last week. Our Mother talks a lot , we know but something she said captured my attention and I have decided to write you in detail about it.

Make sure you read this to the end. Mama told me she had caught you with the neighbor’s daughter having sex in your room. She kept ranting about how you were too young to do such evil and she even said she had flogged you had given you a severe punishment.

I started writing this letter I asked myself if 15 years was too young and although you are still our little boy ,the world we are living in today will not consider that.

Emmanuel, I know how strange this must be for you, having desires you never knew anything about, wet dreams, waking up thinking you have done a great crime and above all not having anyone to talk to it about.

Last time I came home, I noticed how deep your voice had become, the hairs in your armpit and around your penis, I saw that the bulge in your trousers were becoming more noticeable. You hit puberty hard my dear.

Seeing that you know next to nothing about sex although you can’t say the same for your body. One thing I need you to know is that sex is nothing like the pornography you and your friends watch, there’s more to sex than two people screaming and acting like their whole lives depends on what’s going on.

Remember when you stopped watching power rangers because you discovered just how fake they were, I laugh anytime I remember the anger on your face when you told us that, well Porn is even more fake . The actors get paid to give the best performance so I’ll like it if you got it in your head that sex is more than the porn you watch.

You may not know but there are different ways people see sex. There’s the religious beliefs, the health part of sex even the psychological and emotional part of it. You know we are Christians, in our belief, anything sexual before marriage is a sin before the maker, to be spiritually pure, you mustn’t masturbate, mustn’t have sexual thoughts at all .

But as your sister, though I want to advise you to abstain completely, I’ll also tell you the real life aspect of this.

Emmanuel, have you heard of STI? Sexually Transmitted Infections. Just as the name implies they are gotten through sex. I know you and your friends want to explore that part of you right now but there’s so much you do not know. You may have heard of condoms, they are Plastic sort of wears that you can use and sheath your penis before having sex to reduce exchange of fluids between yourself and the person involved.

Many may say just how safe using condoms can be but if you have multiple partners there’s only so much the condom can do.

Now, I know you will like to boast to your friends about the size of your penis, how many girls come to you and how long you can have sex for, that is how long you can last. I put it to you my dear that all of these doesn’t matter, do not feel like you are lacking if you don’t measure up to what they call male standards.

Some health information tells us it’s good to masturbate, they say it is good for the health but before you get me wrong I do not want you masturbating, it will cost you much more than the pleasure you think it brings you.

If you become addicted, you may end up never having a satisfactory sexual relationship, you will have injuries around your groin region too and if your mother gets a hint you masturbate you know just how that hell is going to be. I want you to know that sex is scared, whoever you let yourself go with is automatically connected to you and you won’t want that with everyone you meet. I’ll like you to see sex as more than pleasure and more scared.

Remember what Daddy used to say: You are just not you, you are a sum of all the people before you, all the wars fought, all the deaths that happened before you came to being. You are special and I’ll like you to treat yourself as such.

In conclusion my baby, I want you to not regret anything when it comes to your sex life. I don’t want you getting any girl pregnant and letting her get an abortion, I don’t want you sleeping with someone because of a bet you had with your friends, I don’t want you to rape, it’s a crime against God, man and the Earth you walk on.

I want you to carry yourself with pride and not to think with your groin alone. I want you to be more informed as you grow, to stand out and be the best among you peers. Remember that I’m always here should you have any questions about anything even your biology as a growing boy. I’ll be more than happy to be of any help to you.

You are our precious little boy. Now remember to listen to your mother and follow all my advice. I love you Emma.
With love,
Big Sis.