Jake Daniels Becomes First Openly Gay UK Professional Footballer

Jake Daniels As A Gay

Jake Daniel reigns as the first gay UK footballer in Britain who openly declared this with so much courage and braveness.


Blackpool FC Forward, Jake Daniels, has come out as gay, becoming the only out player currently playing in the upper level of men’s football in the UK.

Honestly speaking, is this something to be proud of, that his relatives, friends, and fellow footballers; Harry Kane, David de Gea, and others have been in support of stating that;

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He was brave? Brave of what?, Bravery over something disgusting and abominable, Bravery over a trait that should be condemned!

To make matters worse, Sky News has been spreading such an immoral and dishonorable proclamation by a very little boy who was most likely wheedled into making the statement whereas there are important world issues that should make headlines but are left untouched.

Jake Daniels should be condemned for making such a vile declaration and Sky News is rather very barefaced and confused for spreading such.

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A statement was made on Twitter by Sportbible, thus”Jake Daniels has become the UK’s first active male professional footballer to come out publicly as gay.

A courageous thing to do.

We respect you and admire you, Jake. 🧡🌈”

Sophia, Jake Daniel’s cousin Speaks thus,
“So incredibly proud of my nephew Jake who has spoken his truth and is the only openly gay male professional footballer in Britain.

I know the courage and bravery this has taken and I have nothing but admiration for him”