Islamic Fanatics Murder Lady In Cold Blood

Deborah's death

In what seemed like tales of horror, Deborah Samuel a 200-level student of Shehu Shagari college of education, Sokoto was gruesomely murdered on Thursday 12th May 2022 for allegedly blaspheming Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

According to Jamila an eyewitness, Deborah’s only crime was telling fellow students to share important information regarding tests and exams on the departmental WhatsApp forum.

Rather than turn it into a dumping ground for religious posts, calling for mutual respect without losing focus on the group’s objective was made to pay with her life as the blood-thirsty lots came for her head.

Same story, different actors as lives of Christians is worth nothing in Northern Nigeria; multiple killings, religious fanatics, extremists, and terrorists hold the region to ransom much to the adulation of northern elites.

Occasionally, Christians are being framed for blasphemy and slaughtered like chickens, Eunice Elisha, and Bridget Agbahime just to mention but a few have been lost on this course.

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which is tasked with the responsibilities of organizing the Christian body has turned into a political threshold lobbying to meet with the high and Mighty on the corridors of power to retain favor while turning blind eyes to the persecution being faced by its flock. The leadership of CAN is after a vain pursuit and personal gains. Alas! Judgment will begin from the house of God.

President Buhari has on the other hand emboldened these lots with his usual silence on critical matters, sultan of Sokoto, the northern ruling class, and Arewa consultative forum (ACF) are all complicit and have their hands written all over these barbaric acts have given elevated status to these murderers.

The blood of Christians Christians being shed in the North cries for justice!