Is Wearing Of Trousers By Women A Sin? Pastor Adeboye Gave Shocking Answers On It


There are many inquiries regarding the outfit determinations of female Christians today. A regularly talked about the theme is the issue of pants, shorts, and trousers for Christian women. Is it unscrupulous for ladies to wear pants, trousers? Is it viewed as a transgression or sin? The candid Pastor, Enoch Adeboye in an Open Heaven everyday devotional spoke about trousers in case it is viewed as a transgression when worn by a female.

The following are two things Pastor Adeboye referenced that Christians should observe:

1 – If your folks or church have trained you to go without wearing trousers, comply. Ignoring their guidelines implies you have trespassed.

2 – Christians ought to keep themselves from things from getting the world for a day of atonement. A female Christian who has struggled in her heart whenever she wears trousers should realize sin is being dedicated. Minister Adeboye upheld his assertion by citing Romans 14:23: “And he that doubteth is accursed if he eats since he eateth not of confidence: for at all isn’t of confidence is sin.”
In all, women are not advised to be wearing trousers.