Incredible Manifesto Of Abuchi Michael “Son Of Man” On The Manifesto Day


By Edward Emmanuel

UNN SUG Candidates presented their manifestos on the 27th day of November 2021 concerning the upcoming election. It was held at the school, Ekpo Ref which started at 3 pm on the dot.

Confidence, trust, joy, and happiness emanated when one of the SUG President candidates, Odo Abuchi Michael, started presenting his manifesto. His manifesto goes like this”


A manifesto presented this Friday, 26th day of November 2021 by ODO ABUCHI, MICHEAL C., your friend and aspirant for the office of the President, Students Union Government, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
“Leadership is not about a certain title or a designation one holds. Leadership is about impact, influence, and inspiration. The impact is about getting passionate results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your office and work, and you have to inspire team-mates and associates to greater attainments” (Chima, 2018).

To me, “SUG UNN leadership is the eager maintenance of that atmosphere in which every Lion and Lioness have the capacity and empowerment to be his/her best self”
Abuchi, Micheal C. My Ideology FIRST, and that depicts; “LIONS and LIONESSES FIRST”.FIDELITY INTEREST (ON UNION) RELATIONSHIP SOCIABILITY TRANSPARENCY (rooted in accountability).

My Blueprint My plan
(ODO ABUCHI MICHEAL C.’s plan) for SUG, UNN when elected the president will be shaped around my 7 POINTS AGENDA and pegging what we do around Lions and Lionesses needs ABUCHI MICHEAL C’S 7 POINT.

The school environment currently is not the ideal environment we envisage. In as much as grasses are being cut, yet it is often overgrown with time, wastes are littered all over, there are broken pipes in our hostels leading to air pollution and other filthiness, etc. This usher in the need to create an additional executive office in the Union (Director of Environment) who will be in charge of ensuring a clean, healthy, serene, and conducive environment for learning and habitation. Provision of large Waste-bin in front of hostels. My administration will also ensure regular environmental checks in the hostels and the general school environment to maintain optimal cleanness.

Recreational Centres

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, they say. Outside classroom activities, there is a need for students to have access to a good recreational environment where they can have natural air, a good Wi-Fi network, as well as charging ports. The popular “Love Garden” will be rehabilitated and used to achieve this dream. This relaxation center will aid students’ social life and stress control, which is a fulcrum in human coexistence and abating the menace of suicide.

Operation Light Up the Den

Imagine traveling from Ogige Market to Main Gate, First or Second Gates? The whole journey is lively as the environment is lightened up. But immediately you drop at any of our gates, gross darkness embraces and distorts your movement. This scenario makes the university environment at night unsafe. Thus, there is an urgent need to lighten the environment by installing solar-powered street lights around the university community. This can be achieved through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP). That is SUG Funding (35%), Alumni Consolidated Funding (65%). To buttress this, funds will be sorted from these two major and willing sources. Mobile Toilet
Female students are most affected by a lack of healthy and clean convenience rooms which is why often, you see female students rushing back to their hostels to ease themselves. This practice is not healthy and hygienic, therefore, there is a need to procure a mobile toilet each per faculty, to ensure students don’t have to move as far as a classroom to hostels before they can have access to a good convenient.
Road Bumps to Regulate Accidents

The rate at which we witness reckless driving within the university environment is quite alarming. Therefore, as soon as I assume office as the SUG president, I will ensure road bumps are built within the school roads to regulate the driving speed of car owners within the school campus.
Addressing Students Result in Checking Challenges

As the SUG president, I will diplomatically work directly with the ICT Department through the school administration to ensure that the digitalized result checking is very effective to allow all students to check and print their results online a few weeks after the examination. This is to help curb the problem of students struggling to have access to their results in their various departments which often leads to several other challenges. Transportation
As a student of this great citadel of learning, I have witnessed the stress (dragging of bus and impolite manner of approach from the shuttle drivers), hyping, and unstable shuttle price. My administration will initiate the process of building an organized transport system, where the Union will own and manage the majority of the shuttle buses. This will subsidize the shuttle price and bring comfort to every student boarding the bus in terms of number per bus. SHAPING WHAT WE DO AROUND WHAT THE LIONS AND LIONESSES need in this segment, permit me to categorically state to you that I have the following administrative plans:

Effective Student representation/participation:
The students over the years have lost their trust in the Union government. If I Abuchi Michael is allowed to serve, I will ensure the rejuvenation of the union by ensuring proper representation. To achieve this, I will install an Opinion box: In every faculty on which I will check regularly to get ideas on what the students expect from the union and school administration at every given time.

As part of effective representation, I will champion a course to ensure the SUG reclaims her Secretariat so that students can know where to channel their problems, complaints and physically get their answers.

To further ensure effective representation and student participation, I will provide a SUG hotline for the sake of emergencies, reports/complaints as well as make inquiries. This is already evident as I have implemented a project similar to that which is the “Fresher’s care line”. All freshers can testify.

CBT Exam Timing:
CBT exams in UNN have become a game of the fastest finger which in no way tests the students’ knowledge but the student’s intuitive abilities. I will diplomatically work with the school administration to make adjustments in this area and ensure students are allowed to write exams in a standard way.

Medical center:
The medical center has not been up and doing and there is a need for regular visitation and check on the medical center to persuade the workers in administering their duties effectively. The purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so you can live those values more fully.


Based on the manifesto outcome and students’ reactions, we believe Abuchi Michael stands incredible among his counterparts and he is equal to none for the position of SUG President considering his personality, sacrifices, leadership skills and other numerous attributes.

UNN Students are urged to vote for Abuchi Michael for better representation.