If You Defend Ukraine, You Will Face Severe Consequences, Says Putin


Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has conveyed cautioning shots to those ready to think twice about security of his country saying they ought to be ready to confront desperate results.

Putin had reported a tactical activity in Ukraine on Thursday with blasts heard not long after the nation over and its unfamiliar pastor cautioning a “full-scale intrusion” was in progress.

Soon after the declaration, blasts were heard in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and a few different urban areas,

Long stretches of extreme tact and the inconvenience of Western authorizations on Russia neglected to dissuade Putin, who had massed somewhere in the range of 150,000 and 200,000 soldiers along the boundaries of Ukraine.

“We are prepared for any result,” was what the Russian strongman expressed in a broadcast message on Thursday morning.

“Whoever will attempt to stop us and further make dangers to our country, our kin should realize that Russia’s reaction will be prompt and lead to such results that you have never looked in your set of experiences.”

“Its objective is the assurance of individuals who during eight years experience the ill effects of misuse and destruction from the Kyiv’s system,” he said with regards to the tactical hostile

Notwithstanding the attack by Russia, a nearby partner to Putin, President Alexander Lukashenko. has guaranteed that Belarusian soldiers are not participating in Russia’s attack of Ukraine,

“Our soldiers are taking no part in this activity,” Lukashenko said.

He likewise said he had “actually recommended” to Putin for “some of the Russian military” to remain in the south of the country notwithstanding joint military drills reaching a conclusion.