How To Make Money During This ASUU Strike As A Student


Every place of comfort brings nothing less than unproductivity. But a place of discomfort makes a man attain a wonderful height by making him stress his brain to make ends meet.

We have been left by the federal government of Nigeria to cater to ourselves as students.
The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is after their interest, not the students at all.
With the present condition of Nigeria, we figured that there is no hope for school resumption any time soon.
It is on this note, that we have explored and seen that the only thing that will keep students going is doing what makes us unique from others.

As a student, this is the period you need to work on yourself and discover your talent and what you like doing best.
Most of us are yet to discover our talents and skills but this ASUU break stands as the best time.

We have higher-paid digital skills like Forex Trading and Crypto Trading. Many students have met their various needs through skill.
Forex and crypto trading needs full-time attention and studies. It’s not a day’s work or what someone can do anyhow. You must set to suffer yourself to gain knowledge before you can make a profit from it.
Success and greatness are not achieved in a day.

We also have other skills like tailoring, fashion designing, shoemaking, and other things. But the world is going digitalized and we can’t advise anyone to continue in the old-fashioned process of making mini money but let’s go for something higher and more demanding.
Something that is too difficult to comprehend and has less number of experts not everyone can trade on cryptos and forex but everyone can learn other skills easily.

In summary, the best way to make money is to get involved with that which you love doing that will be lucrative, build yourself. Find a skill and strategize well. Keep to your plans and never get discouraged until you achieve your goals.
Nothing pays more than that which one does.

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