How To Campaign For Peter Obi

Pat Utomi and Peter Obi

How to campaign for peter OBI

A lot of people are asking what they can do for the Peter Obi campaign– How can they volunteer? What can they contribute? How can they contribute? Here are a few things that people are doing and need to be done:l even without the endorsement of the PO himself or his campaign. A lot of what I am listing is being done organically…

1. A group of persons came together and decided to create an #ObidientTV … this will help amplify the messaging of all of Peter’s messaging.

2. It won’t be a bad idea for others with the means and resources to do something similar for Peter Obi radio… If you have the means please go ahead. Don’t wait to be asked to do it and when the campaign is ready and reaches out to you then feel free to collaborate with them.

3. Last night a friend suggested that we print PO shopping bags and distribute them amongst market women and shoppers sporadically in major markets. Only to get on Twitter to see that someone is already running with this organically. So imagine if a few of you scattered over the country come together and decide to do the same for markets close to you? Like buddy up with 20 persons in your area and set a target of 2000 bags? Do you want this monthly with a different market?

4. Yesterday a group of us distributed pamphlets, stickers, and Facecaps at New Nyayaand Dei Dei. All of it is funded by us! We agreed to do something like this once a week, until the election. All of this is self-funded by us. Self-organize and buddy up with people, please don’t wait to be asked or told what to do or begged by the candidate. Do this for your love of your country.

5. There are lots of people making jingles and skits for Peter Obi. The more creatives who can make these skits and jingles and push them out. Use your networks and social media to push them out. We will retweet and share as much as possible. We will also give full credit for the art. Please make the jingles upbeat and danceable too.

6. You see no 3 and 4… please when you go street level and door to door or market to market in your states and communities please use jingles produced in #5 to get more mileage and to give these jingles more airtime and publicity.

7. Any platform given to me these days, I preach Peter Obi. Sometimes subtly and sometimes outrightly. I was on a call today with a climate change coalition… I spoke about the importance of voting and PVC on the call, but I also spoke about Obi the call. Use every speaking opportunity to speak about what is at stake if you can.

8. There is a strategy and intellectual think tank for Obi. It is a restricted group but if there are ideas you want to share with the campaign, a forum to launch this #IdeasForObi soon – so you can drop ideas, strategies, or even things you are doing in your community to support Obi. It will also be a place to direct or redirect resources or even highlight challenges for the campaign. Please note that our candidate is listening and is open to hearing most ideas and engaging with challenges from his supporters.

9. a lot is going on on social media with this campaign. It is not surprising that Labour Party and Obi are now viewed by the two major parties as opposition. There is a growing MIS-information campaign to discredit and delegitimize the PO campaign. It is most important to be discerning. It is not everyone or everything you must engage in on social media. Don’t amplify the wrong news. Look at trusted handles for credible information. Look to the PO social media handles for the most trusted information. Intellectual responses are needed now. Don’t react in a hurry or with anger. If you see news that seems sensational or looks like fake news — it is fake news. You will see lots of DPS with labor party or PO’s picture sowing disinformation and hate… (see attached picture) … Don’t give the opposition ammunition to bury our campaign. I know it is very hard but where you can please engage respectfully…

10. If you can print T-shirts and give them out for free do so, please. If you need a clearing house to donate campaign paraphernalia (NOT MONEY pls), kindly contact me.

11. Please on all campaign paraphernalia whether Teeshirts or Facecaps etc… please ensure you also place the Labour Party logo prominently. People need to identify the party logo as much as they do Peter Obi as well.

12. Peter Obi will win the 2023 elections. He needs us. He needs our friends and families to work for him and to convert new voters. To reach those who have never voted and those who usually don’t vote. He needs us in our villages and rural communities.

EVERYTHING SOME OF US ARE DOING ARE SELF FUNDED. We are deciding to use our money to save ourselves.

I will still pass on information when I have it or where I find it. Sorry things are a bit slow with campaign structures. But it is coming.

Stay engaged. Stay alert. Campaign with dignity. Register to Vote. Vote. Protect our votes. Then let God do the rest.