How Deep Is Pro-Palestinian Infiltration In 2022?

Israel Infiltration


55 years ago, a coalition of Arab forces, ten times stronger and presumably ruthless, suffered one of the greatest defeats of their collective existence in the hands of a young Israeli nation.

The six-day war of 1967 remains a fatal disgrace, an indelible reminder of the evergreen supernatural God power behind the Jewish nation, and a warning never to esteem Israel lightly.

55 years later and Palestinians still hunger to destroy Israel. Though ten times powerless, the ego, hatred, and craving for violence appear never to have depreciated.

The trait is seen in the numerous incendiary balloons, the violent rocket attacks, and in every religiously-motivated terrorism attack within Israel borders despite access to a comparatively better standard of living.

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In 55 years, Palestinians have become incredibly educated and despicably poorer. Their education largely consists of antisemitic indoctrination.

UN-funded programs teach school children how to develop utter hatred for Jews and find joy in Jewish death.

These children would go on to advance their education in western countries through scholarship programs and further pollute ignorant westerners with a subtle antisemitic agenda.

A region and religion united in hatred, young Muslims all over the world (even in Africa) are now continually indoctrinated with the insatiable urge to terrorize pro-Israeli neighbors.

It can be seen across the world from Nigeria to Mali, Egypt to Sudan, the UK, and even the US, the ongoing agenda to infiltrate corridors of power and diplomatically authorize revenge for the calamitous displacement and defeat suffered at the hands of Israel 55 years ago.

So far, a staggering amount of progress has been made. The Democrat Party in the US is fast becoming a pro-Palestinian extension. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party in the UK is akin to a haven for ruthless antisemites.

The UN security council appears paralyzed by bootlickers groveling to the biddings and fortunes of Arab big money. Even Israel appears to be admitting more Palestinians with unclear intentions into its parliament than necessary for the safety of its sovereignty.

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, two defiant Islamic terrorist apologists, openly lead the discourse for the annihilation of Israel.

Amnesty International, Al Jazeera, and major mainstream media have become Tehran echo-chambers daily spreading antisemitism and masking state-sponsored terrorism as a mere will to survive.

With the constant calls by pro-Palestinian US lawmakers to end US partnership and assistance in Israel, it is clear how much the “death to America” faction hates America’s existence, influence, and guts.

The US, UK, and Israel must begin to check the infiltration of pro-Palestinian, pro-terrorist supporters within its corridors of power.

History has shown that no amount of civilization can erase religiously-sanctioned barbarism.

Since the 9/11 event, America is daily reminded of enemies that wish to see her fall, and thus strives to protect her people.

She must extend the same train of thought to Israel, and stand strong in its commitment to help Isreal defeat her enemies whether tomorrow or in 55 years to come.