Health: Tips To Living A Healthy Life

Health: Tips To Living A Healthy Life
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It’s wonderful being young, your body is at its peak, you are more immune to certain diseases but unless we learn to take care of our bodies, we may end up not knowing the joy of youth or the reward of old age. Here are some tips one can follow to live a healthy fulfilled life.


Drinking water cannot be overemphasized really, it keeps your body in the best running condition. It helps the kidneys, helps blood flow and for our skin enthusiasts, drinking water keeps the skin fresh ,it improves skin tone,reduces puffiness and acne on the face. Water maintains PH balance of the body, lubricating joints of the body. The advantages of water are countless. Although it is said to take up to 3 liters of water everyday that is 6 sachets of water, it is also advised for one to know just how much water their body needs. Some may need more than 3 liters others less. All in all it is very important to be properly hydrated at all times.


Many young people skip this with the excuse that they do not want to lose weight or that living in Nigeria is exercise enough. It is important to exercise your body everyday not just the weekends. It’s more effective having at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday than 2 hours on Saturdays. Apart from the fact that exercising improves the mood, it also helps with the pumping of blood, remove unwanted fats in the body and keeps one fit. Looking good and feeling good is a luxury you do not want to miss.


Our body needs food, that isn’t even debatable but our health depends on what goes in our mouths. Fruits itself contains vitamins that nourish the body so well. They help with the eye, the internal organs ,the skin and in general the body. Whilst food is very necessary for us , some of us makes some mistakes there. There’s always the case of anorexia or gluttony. Anorexia is a food disorder, this happens when one stops eating food, in most cases to lose weight. Whereby gluttony is constant eating of food , over eating if you want. If one wants to lose weight or gain weight there are many expert, healthy ways to go about it, rather than resort to low food intake or very high food intake . Food is important to the body , it shouldn’t be taken sparingly or without control. It should be taken wisely and as the body demands.

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It’s not a surprise to see amongst young people, Chain smokers and chronic drinkers. Smoking damages the lungs, it causes cancer, is a threat to the voice box, can cause stroke even. The effects of inhaling smoke into the body is numerous just as that of drinking which also causes failure of internal organs, high blood pressure, kidney problems can be encouraged by drinking. Apart from the physical consequences of these excesses there’s always the emotional parts. Steady users tend to become addicted and depressed without them, stress and bad relationship with everyone around. Although it is advised to do away with these excesses, if one must indulge, it must be sparingly and with caution because you may end up paying your whole life for a moment of highness and pleasure.

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it’s funny how something so sweet can make you spend years in a hospital bed. Sugar can be taken in a lot of forms, our sodas are packed full with sugar, a lot of snacks we take are also filled with the delicious poison sugar. At a certain age , some people are advised to stop taking sugar totally but not the young. This doesn’t give you the ticket to go on downloading all manner of sugar in the body know exactly how much you need, if you are normally inactive do not take sugar,even if you are active, try and limit your intake . Do not drink sodas everyday, don’t take junk food regularly, take natural food instead. Sugar causes diabetes. Diabetes cannot be cured only managed, so do your best to avoid it and remember if you want to enjoy your old age , it’s the decisions you make now that makes that happen.


Everyone loves being called beautiful. What we don’t know is that your body gives you what you give it. You want full, beautiful hair take care of it and what you eat. You want glowing skin , drink water and use good products. It’s important to always be neat, smell good, dress well. It helps a lot. Put more in your personal hygiene, brush every day, use deodorant and good cologne. Being clean opens doors we never knew were there. Take care of the skin. Do not bleach or use organic products that are not recognized as safe, exfoliate the skin, eat well and drink responsibly. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, treat it well.


Mental health has been a joke to our people for far too long. Always remember that we live more in our minds than we do our body. Your mind should always be in the right state. Try to de-stress, meditate, take breaks when you can’t.