Has European and African Union Observatory Mission and Ecowas Bodies Lost Their Relevance In Africa



The African Union has become a white elephant on the continent of Africa, a real burden that carries loads of question marks on why they exist. It has been very unfortunate and disheartening that the AU is yet to condemn in the strongest of terms the unfortunately outcome of the February 2023 election in Nigeria which was marred by widespread rigging, disenfranchisement and violence but instead they shamefully decided to issue a disgraceful, pathetic statement congratulating the beneficiary of this electoral crime Mr Ahmed Bola Tinubu of the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) who did not win the exercise from all indications.

Where did the African Union actually stand? How are they ensuring Nigerian democratic process is not reduce to a mere theatrical show? Even the European Union which issued a statement in a press conference condemning the widespread mismanagement of the entire process but then weren’t firm in their criticism to call a spade what it actually is. Of what need or good does the EU, ECOWAS, AU electoral monitoring mission serve in Africa if they cannot be vocal to defend the democratic process they claim to protect in Africa?
These bodies should redeem themselves by making it clear to the beneficiary of this marred process like Mr Tinubu of Nigeria that if he tries to ascend office without the real mandate of the Nigerian people his administration will not be recognised internationally.

  1. Has European and African Union Observatory Mission and Ecowas Bodies Lost Their Relevance In Africa

The same African union in their recent summit at Addis Ababa dismissed an Israeli representative because of their partial stance on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. They have allowed corrupt North African nations who are sympathisers of the Palestinian cause to brought to bear their religious sentiments into the once revered organisation. This current fully woke, biased AU is nothing but a sad shadow of the great old OAU of 1963 characterised by the likes of great leaders of the time like Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Senghor of Senegal, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and others. The continents body is gradually losing its value and swimming in futility, very unfit for purpose. The Northern African Nations should stop selling their trade of chauvinism in the name of Africa.

Their hostility against the Israeli nation is not a representation of the Africa-wide position on the Middle East matter and sane African nations should call these bigoted leaders out for what they are. They do not represent Africa because if they do they would have done something to ensure true Democratic leadership is installed in all the African nations, remove despots standing in the corridors of power in most African nations like Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and others consolidating themselves on political power, stifling the living life out of their citizens. They would have limited the influence of France, China, Russia on the great African continent rather they have become stooges that has plunged the continent into neo-colonial, post war subjugation in the hands of these rogue states. The next time Africa holds a summit in Addis they should re-assess the relevance of this body otherwise they should call it a day on the continent.

On ECOWAS recently it was also reported that the West African body called ECOWAS is planning to honour Nigerian outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari with an award of “An Icon of Democracy in Nigeria and Africa”. The question is Why Ecowas would be honouring Buhari with such a revered honour, claiming he has instituted democracy in many African countries including Nigeria. What an irony and a disgrace. Ecowas must not do that and every well meaning Nigerian must not acknowledge such award but should resist it.
Was it not under him that Nigeira just witnessed the the worst electoral process since the history of the country?

Under him the country experienced its worst economic hardship with his administration riddled with vices such as unprecedented level of insecurity, corruption, kindnappings, killings esleciallt in the Southern Kaduna, free reign by the proscribed Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, cancerous tribalism, nepotism never witnessed before at any time in Nigeria? How many industries did he build in his 8 years of rulership other than submerging Nigeria into unprecedented level of indebtedness running into trillions of Naira.

What has ECOWAS really achieved in West Africa which has been riddled by coup d’etats from Mali to Guinea etc. It is clear these so-called bodies are nothing but a mere apparition of themselves just like the United Nations has become in the hands of Putin’s Russia, China and Joe Biden’s America, very unfit for purpose. The worlds’ citizens will continue to demand for answers on their relevance and what good they still serve in the 21st century.

Has European and African Union Observatory Mission and Ecowas Bodies Lost Their Relevance In Africa