Gunmi Builds School For Herdsmen In Kaduna Forest


Sheik (Dr.) Ahmad Gumi, a dubious Islamic priest, has set up a school for herders.

The school named Sheik Uthman Bin Fodio Center was built at Kagarko Grazing Reserve close to Kohoto Village in Kaduna state.

Gumi, while on assessment of the school on Monday, said it was worked to instruct herders and check their vicious belief systems.

He added that if such a middle is reproduced all over, Nigerians will live in harmony.

Gumi said:

Rather than burning through billions on military equipment to battle the scoundrels, Nigeria ought to spend a lot of cash on schools and educators. I have spoken with the criminals and they have communicated the ability to drop their arms and embrace harmony if their youngsters can be given instruction and other social conveniences.

What inspired me to begin this task was to tackle the uncertainty issue we have from the root because doing has its culprits and culprits are drawn from a pool so we need to go there and dry the pool and we discovered that training is the best fix.

In case they are instructed, they won’t do what they are doing. In this way, we say we should take training to the grassroots and we left on the undertaking to likewise be a model for other people, nearby government, state, and bureaucratic and rich people even agreeable social orders to meet up and ensure that we are guided across the woodland to know how we can deal with carter for travelers; it doesn’t cost a lot, very little and it will assist with teaching them and we will live calmly with them.