Gueye Must Not Give Up On His Stance Against LGBT


‘Rainbow Laces’ is a stonewall campaign where participants do something active while wearing Rainbow Laces in their boots or trainers, to show their support for LGBT equality.

The introduction of rainbow colors in football leagues has left most football lovers devastated. Unfortunately, the Paris St-Germain (PSG) is one of the main promoters of LGBT through their rainbow laces, jersey and bands.

The PSG midfielder, Idrissa Gana Gueye who joined the club in 2019 recently missed a match to avoid wearing a jersey featuring rainbow-coloured numbers designed to support an anti-homophobia initiative.


He has been resolute in defending his Muslim belief and culture by not wearing kits that support LGBT despite coercive measures applied by PSG and baseless criticisms.

It is saddening that Gueye who chose a decent lifestyle is ridiculed whereas Blackpool’s 17 year old forward, Jake Daniels who became UK’s first current male footballer to come out as gay since 1990 was applauded.

The pertinent question for PSG is why should the club support unnatural system that negates norms and culture? If homosexuality is relatively superior, why should its adherents adopt children from heterosexual union?

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Who will be the father of the children adopted by lesbians and which of the gay parents should their adopted children refer to as their mother? If everybody adopts homosexuality as PSG campaigns, how would procreation for continuity occur?

Gueye is an iconic player and should be featured whether or not he wears a rainbow jersey. Everyone has freedom to choose his lifestyle, LGBT should not be imposed on anyone nor should anyone be marginalized for their stance on it. People’s beliefs must be respected.

Gueye should stand firm and protect his faith against LGBT. It is very unfortunate that PSG is chasing rat while its house is on fire.

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More importantly, PSG should channel its campaign energy on addressing problems facing humanity such as hunger, diseases, unemployment , and social justice instead of LGBT-related matters that would take the world nowhere in the future.