Governor Soludo: A celebrated Chameleon of 21st Century

Soludo refutes the allegation of planning to assassinate Peter Obi


It is said that Governor Soludo is a celebrated Chameleon of 21st Century and has failed woefully as a leader and sensible man.

It is not surprising that Governor Chukwuma Soludo has fantastically succeeded in unfolding his ceaseless abhorrent character of typical envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, self-centeredness, double standard and over ambition. Interestingly, anyone who knows Soludo too well knows that he is a classical arrogant and incorrigible man, who always speaks before he thinks and acts before he reasons. It is a known fact that Chukwuma Soludo is greatly characterised by low mentality and poor reasoning whenever he pursues his inordinate ambitions.

Soludo, note this, ‘You are not only a disgrace to yourself and your family, but to Anambrarians and humanity in general’. Soludo, it is unfortunate that you lack wisdom and native intelligence. You are not a match for Peter Obi and can never be. What Peter has sat down to view, Soludo, you cannot see it, even if you mounted a skyscraper! God would save and has already saved Anambra State from your very destructive and greedy hands of governance.

Soludo, you have furthered poverty in Anambra State with your unbearable heartless tax regime, crowing it with men of broad chest and dead hanged muscles (a.k.a renewed agberos) as your hit men all over the State. Soludo, so you have not dropped this character of yours for which you were known since your days at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Well, it is too late for you to change for the better, because it is said that “A FOOL AT 40 IS A FOOL FOREVER”.

Governor Soludo: A celebrated Chameleon of 21st Century. 

Charles, so you have eventually become this fool for ever? Your close friends are not surprised. You have always been overambitious, greedy and chameleonic in character. However, Soludo, you are advised to retrace your steps filled with excesses, before it leads you to complete destruction.