Funny Things About UNN and ESUT


The funny things about these two schools, University Of Nigeria Nsukka and the the the Enugu State University of Technology, UNN and Esut are so much as it was discovered by some students in the university both Unn and Est.
UNN started the exam on the 25th day of October 021 while ESUT started the exam on the 11th day of November 2021.

The result gathered and our findings show that ESUT will be done with their first-semester examination before UNN that started before them concludes.
We were able to look into some details to see the questions set for those in year 3 in the department of political science of the respective universities, ESUT and UNN. The result below brought about arguments and much deliberations from the students.
Many said that UNN as a school has the hardest question so far in their exams.
Look below to see evidence of UNN and ESUT exam questions, the same year, the same course, and the same level.

Another discovery is on the side of students’ welfare and independence. In ESUT, a good number of students have their cars and the lodges there are very much costly than those in UNN. In terms of population, UNN is highly populated which made the school decide to use the CBT format for the first years as a method of their exams while ESUT uses a handwritten format for the departmental courses and CBT for other courses.
After much deliberation, we are here to let everyone know that the University of Nigeria Nsukka is a federal school and the Enugu State University of Technology is a state school. We urge all the students in these respective schools to stop comparing both schools.