Full Story On UNN Final Year Students Trying To Use A Little Boy For Ritual

Unn ritual

According to report of two of our report men who were present at the scene, a final year student was caught trying to use a little boy for ritual in Enugu,Nsukka (Hilltop UNN) at Obosi Lodge. This happened around 5:36pm yesterday.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the final year guy took the boy into his lodge,straight to his room which was suspicious, not knowing that the sister to the boy was tailing his movement.

The girl summoned courage and informed her father who then raised an alarm, which led neighbours to break into the room only to find the little boy with a swollen eye and unconscious.
The final-year student was beaten beyond recognition and apprehended by the students and villagers present. He was further incarcerated in the school’s security department.

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Further information and details about the final year student will be released. This is a murder attempt and is punishable by law.

Many students at Hilltop took to their hills on hearing the tumultuous noise from others. Some thought it was a general issue where a group of kidnappers came to harass the entire students at Hilltop comprising Obosi Lodge, Agnes Lodge, Solomon Lodge, and Paris Lodge.