Five Qualities Men Need In Women As Valentine Day Draws Near


There are so many things that strengthen relationships and love for lovers. Valentine is almost near, how do you get a heart of a man. These tips will go a long way towards helping you.

Giving an accurate explanation of what
men generally want in a woman is a complex practice that is based on an individual’s taste, expectations, and interests. Every man has a personal desire on how they want their spouse to be, the kind of attitude she should possess, and the level of physical sophistications she should be endowed with. Nonetheless, research has been able to fathom a common quality almost every man is responsive to in a woman regardless of geographic location, creed, ethnicity, and beliefs.
They are as follows
1. A woman who is calm and tough

Most men appraise the attitude of their partner regarding the way they treat others, most especially the vulnerable ones in society. They want a fierce woman who is empathetic and nice to the people around her, and not the kind of lady who is abusive and resentful to the people who cross her path, most especially on trivial and less sensitive matters. Remember, every man desires a woman who will be their source of confidence and not a woman who will rather earn him more enemies than friends.

2. Beauty with Intelligence.

Even when most men preach that what they solely desire in a woman is intelligence and love, the reality is quite different on the other side. Research has shown that men place a high value and expectation on a woman’s appearance, hence; they seek to be associated with a beautiful lady who has impressive self-elegance and charisma. Most men are even notorious for placing so much relevance on a woman’s physique that they pay little or no attention to her attitude and perception of life, which can sometimes be detrimental in the future.

3. A woman with an impressive sense of fashion.

Every man prefers to be in the company of women they can feel at ease. Deep research has shown that a vast majority of men from the different corners of the world are easily aroused just by a woman’s fashion alone, most especially the ones that reveal their bodily sophistication and endowments. It is also instinctive for men to be attracted to a woman simply because of her style of clothing and fashion sense. In a nutshell, men are naturally responsive to women who have an impressive sense of fashion color combination.

4. A caring and romantic lady.

Only when no one is observing, do men enjoy being cuddled and held in their woman’s arms. Every man wants to be with a woman who will be romantic towards him and treat him affectionately. Sometimes, all a man wants is a woman who will be available to give him a welcome kiss when he returns from work, and who will also be responsive to his emotional needs.

5. An Independent lady.

Studies have shown that most men find women who are self-sufficient and independent attractive than women who rather ask for everything they need, most especially things that are easily affordable. In summary, every man desire to be with a woman who will support them in meeting the needs of the family together, and not a person who will rather pose as a liability.

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