Fight Aganist Boris Johnson: A Ruinous Conspiracy

Fight Against Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson’s term as the prime minister of the united kingdom began on the 24th of July, 2019. When he accepted Queen Elizabeth II’s invitation, at her prerogative to form a new administration.
His premiership has been depicted by cords of controversies and opposition which are detrimental and abysmal.

Amidst the unforeseen and humongous subversion against him, even some of his MP’s voted to eject him from Downing street in a ballot that exposed a strong lethal chasm within his party, he still emerged as the winner of the vote of no confidence. It is worth knowing that the proportion of MP’s who voted against Boris Johnson is greater than the votes against may in 2018 and Margaret Thatcher in 1990.

Boris Johnson Survives A No-Confidence Vote

His magnanimous and wielding traits have brought him thus far despite all connotations and forgeries to oust him out of office.

Hence, the British government should refrain from fighting him as it solely degrades their much-upheld esteem.

However, the seven-man panel that was set up to investigate party gate which is a political scandal in the united kingdom about parties and gatherings of government and conservative party staff could climax to opprobrium and vituperation as some of the investigators could be rivals of Boris Johnson who are contending with him. It is very important to proceed fairly without any imputation of unfairness or unjust acts.
Therefore, the British government should ensure fair and square situations are devoid of public backlash and derision.