FG, Google Bar Loan Apps in Nigeria from Accessing Customer’s Contacts and Photos



The Nigerian government has declared that loan apps on the Play Store can never again get to their clients’ contacts or photographs from May 31, 2023.


This policy is in accordance with the government’s new endeavors to forestall loan app firms from attacking customers’ protection.


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission had as of late enlisted 170 loan apps out of the 200 working in Nigeria


Google, in its April 2023 policy refreshes, expressed that the new policy would give relief to loan app clients in Nigeria and different spots where unrefined loan recovery strategies have become typical.


The refreshed policy forbids personal loan apps from accessing client contacts or photographs. The policy likewise presents extra necessities for personal loan apps focusing on clients in Pakistan, including the accommodation of country-explicit authorizing documentation to demonstrate their capacity to give or work with personal loans.


The new policy follows Google’s new declaration of updates to its Designer Program Policy. This update commands computerized cash banks in Nigeria, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Kenya to adjust to administrative standards or face expulsion from the Play Store by January 31.


Computerized cash loan specialists in Nigeria should comply with and complete the Restricted Break Administrative/Enlistment Structure and Rules for Computerized Loaning, 2022, and get an unquestionable approval letter from the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to be permitted on the Play Store in Nigeria.


The CEO of the FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera, lauded Google’s standardization of the administrative policy, expressing that it was a welcome turn of events and predictable with the commission’s situation as a controller.

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