Female Student Sleeps With A Snake On Her Bed In Delta State


By Great C. Obi

A female student accidentally spent the night with a snake on her bed in Ogume, Delta State, Hez reports.

Boarding student of Novena college, Ogume, Delta State responded in alarm after one of the students woke up toward the beginning of the day to figure out that she had passed the night with a snake on top of her bed.

An upsetting video catching the gigantic snake laying unperturbed on the understudy’s bed is broadly shared.

A caption of the video peruses: “An understudy saw this snake on her bed in the early long stretches of today and she was laying her hand on top of the snake. The snake is supposed to be the God of Amai a spot in Delta state. This occurred in Novena college.”

A source in the college said understudies woke up around 5.30 pm and tracked down the snake on the bed.

“We saw a major snake that rested for the time being with us on a similar bed in one of the female lodgings.

“The snake crept into the lodging and tracked down its direction to the bed. One of the female understudies who rested in the room shouted, which drew the consideration of different students. As I talk, they have emptied the inn,” the source added.

The Public Relations Officer of the school, Mr. Emmanuel Odishika, affirmed the occurrence.

He said, “The people group has a holy snake, and now and then understudies run into it, however, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

The college is north of 16 years of age, established in 2005, and from that point forward, the snake never harmed anyone. The snake isn’t hurtful.

“We typically give understudies direction at whatever point we concede new understudies; more seasoned understudies don’t freeze since they know about it. We can’t confine the snake’s development.”

Odisha said there was no congested grass on the school premises, adding that the snake didn’t expect weed to visit the school.