Father Oluoma Replies To Father Mbaka On His Statement

Father Oluoma Replies Father Mbaka
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Rev Fr Oluoma of Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja had penned an iconic reply to Fr Ejike Mbaka allegations that Mr Peter Obi is not fit to be the President of Nigeria because he is stingy. Read the article below

I love this STINGY MAN who gives money to the right people.
I love this STINGY MAN who doesn’t drink champagne with the public fund but uses it to improve their lives.

I love this STINGY MAN whose integrity is topnotch and who can’t be deceived into showing off in the public.

I love this STINGY MAN who loves the poor masses more than himself…
I love this STINGY MAN who has refused to collect pension from the Anambra State government since he left. This is what those people who are seen as givers do.
I love this STINGY MAN for coming out to save the ordinary Nigerians.
Mr. Peter Obi the truth is that we DON’T DESERVE YOU but in all your dealings may the Heavens bless and enrich you.
I am a Catholic Priest and I pray too.

May these blessings follow you child of God.
Peter is Better!