Don’t Say “Clap for Him” Rather You Say “Clap Him”. 10 Wrong English Expressions Made By Students And Their Corrections


This update will give insight into some of the wrong expressions made in the English language by some people.
Kindly take your time and go through it to avoid disgracing yourself outside.
The English Language is one of the difficult subjects. And as a second language, it will be filled with a lot of misuses, wrong usage, and pronunciations. But we are going to look into wrong expressions and corrections to it.

1. On or off the light/ television/radio WRONG

CORRECT: Switch on or switch off or turn on or turn off the light/television/radio

EXP: ( On and off should not be used as verbs, they are to be used in phrasal verbs like the correct ones above).

2. She is licking sweets. WRONG

CORRECT: She is eating sweets or she eats sweets or she is chewing sweets

EXP:( Licking means to move your tongue over the surface of something to make it clean or wet. While eating andchewingmeansn to put something in your mouth to it).

3. Press that rumpled shirt. WRONG

CORRECT: Iron that rumpled shirt

EXP:(“Press” should not be used when you are talking about clothes. It is better to use “iron” as the verb, it is also correct to say, THESE SHIRTS NEED A PRESS WITH AN IRON).
4. I forgot to bring my book at home WRONG

CORRECT: I left my book at home

EXP:( “Forget or forgot” is used for abstract nouns, while “leave and left” is used for somebody or something you can see and touch).

5. Cold is catching me WRONG
CORRECT: I have caught a cold or I feel cold

EXP:( Stative verb doesn’t contain “in” it’s also correct to say DON’T CATCH COLD).

6. This place is smelling or this place is stinking. WRONG

CORRECT: This place smells or this place stinks.

EXP: ( See explanation No.6, but you can use them as adjectives e.g HE TOOK ME INTO A SMELLING/STINKING ROOM).

7. I have paid for you. WRONG

CORRECT: I have paid your fare

EXP: (“Paid for” is to bear the consequences of someone’s action).

8. Stop frowning your face. WRONG

CORRECT: Stop frowning

EXP:(“frowning” should not be used with the word ‘face’ in the same sentence since “frowning” describes the face only.)

9. WRONG: When does your father close from work?

CORRECT: When does your father come home from the office?

When does your father’s office close?

When does your father’s work stop?

EXP:( It is an establishment or organization that close, a person does not).

10. WRONG: This girl has messed

CORRECT: This girl has fouled the air

This girl has farted

EXP:( “Messed” refers to untidy, while ‘farted’ means to let the air in the bowels come out through the anus especially in a loud way).

The above-mentioned errors with their corrections will help you go a long way towards being the best in English speaking.
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