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As the US enters its final voting hours for the midterm elections, Democrats are clear on one thing: Americans care less about anti-abortion laws, pro-LGBT rights, and the Jan 6th incident.

In the last 72 hours, Biden has tried – and failed woefully – to make these issues the headline for the midterm elections. “There are bigger world problems than painting America with the colours of the rainbow, ” remarked a voter at the polls.

The world is slowly rolling back on Obama’s 2015 global LGBT campaign. An immoral escapade garnished with soft phrases, the practice alien and abominable to over 4 billion religious faithfuls, has continued to attract global criticism over growing attempts to shove it down everyone’s throat. You must love the gay movement, they insinuate. Those who disassociate themselves are stigmatized with homophobia.

But within the gay community, there is hardly any real love. Lesbians and Gays hate trans people because they strike them as “unnatural.” And then it gets worse when you xray the transgender community and observe a deeper factional hatred between “transcums” and ‘tucutes.’


The community is immoral, hateful, clueless and confused and has somehow found a way to project its inner tendencies towards people who hold contrary beliefs. In the UK, they splash billions of pounds in yearly multicoloured virtue-signalling clown campaigns to the utter discomfort of religious football stakeholders.

Their conduit is the English football association (EFA), who, over the last seven years, has stealthily transmogrified the neutral nature of pure English football into a richly-funded LGBT vuvuzela machine.

Such morally offensive on-field campaign violates its laws, as we see in its statement of principles:

“Any inappropriate conduct toward others, including but not limited to that based on an individual’s sex, race, colour, weight, size, religion, national origin, age, marital or domestic-partnership status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression, will not be tolerated.”

Blinded by funding, the EPL has lost respect for religion and ancient values.

There are far more devastating global and local issues begging for EPL attention, and it would be in the best interest of all football stakeholders —pro-LGBT or anti-LGBT— to substitute silly rainbow campaigns for more threatening global issues or crawl back to its shell of neutrality for the game’s good.



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