Details On How Wizkid Was Used As A Lecture Topic In An American University


Award-winning Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balogun ka Wizkid, was discussed as a topic during a lecture at the Ohio University, United States, HezNews Reports.

The music star a.k.a Wizkid has gone so global with high fans in value that he is now a subject of discussion at American universities and the world at large. This singular act has demonstrated the value of Wizkid, it’s impact to the society not only in Nigeria but also outside Nigeria.

He is a musician with a high international recognition. Students all over the world fancy his music. Considering what was discussed in the class during the lecture. It was disclosed that Wizkid started singing at the age of 11 years old. His father being a Muslim and the mother a Christian. As a patriotic citizen of Nigeria, he did his secondary and tertiary education in Nigeria, Lagos State University Precisely and proceeded to the other level for completion.


The video which has gone viral, shows Wizkid’s Essence which features songstress, Tems, being played on a projector in the class.
Not only that his biography was discussed, educational background, career and other details of Wizkid was discussed in the class.

This is not a time for war between Davido’s fan and Wizkid’s fan. Many has taken it that Wizkid is higher than Davido and Vice versa.
Neither Davido or Wizkid is against the other both music stars love and appreciate themselves but fans won’t let them be trying to get both friends to be in enmity but that seems impossible.
One thing to be known by all is that Davido and Wizkid are never the same. They were born differently each with his own talents and way of behaviour and it will be very bad to start comparing both of them.


Projector displaying the discussion outline

On this note, Wizkid was discussed in an American University as a lecture topic. That’s great and congratulations to him.