Deborah: A Case Punishable By Hanging

Deborah's death

Thousands of Islamic extremists took to the streets on Sunday, following the gruesome murder of Deborah, to protest against the alleged arrest of her alleged killers.

Churches, properties, and goods worth tens of millions of Naira, belonging to traders of South-Eastern descent, were destroyed in a road rampage that saw minimal intervention from the Nigerian military and police force.

Killers of Deborah Escaped

Other reports read that the killers with origins traced to the neighboring Niger Republic have escaped.

Amidst the imposed curfew in the region, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, finally issued a condemnatory statement on Sunday and Monday, respectively.

Still, no credible action towards justice appears to have been taken by both the local and international bodies.

Deborah’s death and the destructive tantrums that follow cast doubt on the purported unity within Africa’s most populous nation.

Deborah: A Case Punishable By Hanging

Time and over, the trio of Islamic extremism, terrorism, and illiteracy rampaging the delinquent north has proven a retrogressive shackle for Nigeria.

For a nation that constitutionally describes itself as secular, hardline Salafist beliefs consistent with Al-Quaeda and other dangerous terrorist groups seem to have the upper hand in practice.

Poor Actions of the Politicians on Deborah’s Murder

With many ruthless terrorist apologists, including a well-known murderer, at the helms of the nation’s affairs, many fear that Nigeria is a ticking time bomb waiting to implode into the world’s largest terrorist haven and humanitarian crisis center.

The average Nigerian on the street is the walking aftermath of a country battered by inflation and multiple taxations, bedeviled by unemployment, and without access to quality education.

Mail-In Voting: A Loophole To Electoral Fraud

As the charred remains of Deborah get lowered into the earth for a next-to-be-forgotten statistic, one truth that will live forever is the reality of how the Buhari-led government is giving free rein for Salafist indoctrination and weaponizing poverty to raise a young ruthless army of Islamic jihadists.

The most dangerous are the people in power, the United Nations, other world governments, and privileged men of good conscience who are privy to the lurking danger but remain silent.

It is no news that  34 lawyers have mounted to the court to defend the suspected killers of Deborah Yakubu.