Davido, Trump Among Thousands Stripped of blue check by Elon Musk’s Twitter


Popular microblogging site, Twitter has begun the removal of thousands of verification check marks with some public figures such as Donald Trump, Davido and Cristiano Ronaldo unspared from the cleansing.


Recall CEO, Elon Musk had announced that the final date for the free Blue badge removal was 4/20.


“Final date for removing legacy Blue checks is 4/20.” the 51-year-old business magnate and investor wrote on his verified account.


A check through some public figures including Pope Francis, former president Donald Trump, singers Justin Bieber, Davido, Wizkid, Katy Perry and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, saw the blue check absent.


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, the company’s former CEO, also appeared to have lost his check mark.


Musk had leaned heavily into a subscription model for Twitter since taking the site over in October, and began offering the blue badges to anyone who was willing to pay $8 a month.


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