Court Dismisses PDP’s Suit, Affirms Bola Tinubu’s Eligibility for Presidency

The president elect: Bola Tinubu Ahmed

The Supreme Court has dismissed the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) suit challenging the eligibility of Bola Tinubu for the presidency.


Court Dismisses PDP's Suit
Court Dismisses PDP’s Suit


The Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision by a five-member panel, held that the PDP’s appeal lacked merit in challenging the legality of APC’s candidate, Tinubu. The court emphasized that the PDP had no legal right to interfere in the affairs of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which nominated Tinubu as the presidential candidate alongside Shettima for the election.


Bola Tinubu Ahmed getting ready for his inauguration on May 29th


PDP argued that Shettima’s dual nomination violated provisions of the Electoral Act, but the apex court upheld the decisions of the Court Of Appeal and  The Federal High Court which dismissed PDP’s case. The court stated that the PDP failed to establish any injury suffered as a result of the nomination, highlighting that political parties should not interfere in the internal affairs of other parties.


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The Supreme Court described the appeal as frivolous and criticized the PDP for filing a suit that could expose the judiciary to public ridicule. It stressed that the appeal wasted judicial time and advised counsel to discourage their clients from pursuing such suits in the future.


In summary, the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the PDP’s suit affirms Bola Tinubu’s eligibility for the presidency, upholding the decisions of the lower courts. The court concluded that the PDP lacked legal standing and failed to establish any grounds for challenging Tinubu’s candidacy.