Christian Faith Under Judicial Threat In Finland


Christian Faith Under Judicial Threat In Finland. Genuine Christians worldwide acutely condemn the unfair trial against the former interior minister of Finland, Pälvi Räsänen, who is currently at risk of jail term over her 2019 social media post against the church’s support for LGBTQ.


Räsänen who is a physician, devout Christian and member of the Finnish Parliament, was charged to court for posting online the bible passage, Romans 1:26-27, as an expression of displeasure over her church support for a gay and lesbian public march in 2019.


The decision of the court, which tagged Räsänen’s actions as tantamount to ethnic incitement, is being met with strong criticism among Finnish Christians and other Christians across the world who see the ruling as an affront to the age-long tenets of Christianity upon which lies the foundation of Europe’s civilisation.

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As the Feb 14th verdict draws near, individuals and world Christian bodies must rise to pressure the Finnish government against indirectly criminalising the Bible to pacify.


God’s word must remain eternal and immutable, freely spoken without systematic harassment. The Pope, the head of the Presbyterian Church and the Archbishop of Canterbury may have failed Christendom with their turncoat declaration of support for LGBT, but we must not fail ourselves.

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It is pertinent to call for the Finnish government to order to desist from selectively targeting religious practitioners to appease gays, in the interest of the global right to inalienable freedom.