Chapter Nine Of “The Elementals” By Martins Aniagbaoso


Curiosity overwhelmed him. What seemed to be an ordinary cottage was now ablaze. Half of its roof had been destroyed by the sudden burst of fire and its debris was raining down like flaming rocks. His curiosity had drawn him closer to the burning house but he made sure to keep a safe distance and stay where he wouldn’t be spotted. He could see two figures in a serious battle and another who stood a safe distance from the damages they caused. “An Elemental” He gasped. Things seemed to be getting interesting in this little cottage.

The Elemental had just dropped down, unable to move. For some moments before he seemed to be in control of the battle but now he was on the floor. The third figure had jumped in and had taken over but it seemed he was no match for the victor of the previous battle. He was receiving a thorough beat down from the looks of it. It was obvious what would be the outcome of this battle. He had seen his fill. He didn’t want to meddle in affairs that weren’t his. He had his problems and judging from the battle skills of the victor, he would probably get killed if he interferes. He had turned to leave when his thoughts pricked him. ‘The victor hadn’t pulled any stunts yet, he wasn’t even using any power even when he was losing moments ago.’ He turned back to the cottage. Something in him pushed him forward. He tried to fight back but it seemed his legs weren’t in support of his repulsion. ‘If these Elementals were in trouble, then he would have to help them.’

He thought as he now raced towards the burning cottage. He could see the figure’s third figure was a girl and she was about to be killed obviously. The second figure stood over her with his blade held up ready to come down any moment soon. He wasn’t going to make it time to save her. Concentrating his energy in his palms, he released what seemed to be a ball of air at the second figure knocking him off his feet and crashing him down into a pile of burning wood.


She stood up immediately and took a hold of her weapon. She had been saved. Someone had saved her. She took a glance back to see her savior immediately she felt a presence. She recognized him immediately. The stranger from the market. He looked rather unkempt now but his beauty was still evident. ‘Had he followed her?’ she thought. If he did, then she was happy he did so.

The invader had stood up now. His mask is completely gone. He had a weak smile on his face as he tried to gain his balance fully. “One after the other you elementals never stop coming. You were all supposed to be dead” He said. The previous calmness had returned to his voice. He had regained balance now and pointed at Sian.” I will come back for you girl.” He finished as he backed them. Slowly he began to walk away from the cottage and soon, he disappeared into the forest.

He turned to the battered girl. She looked familiar but he couldn’t figure out how or where he had seen her. “We need to get him to a healer fast” He finally said, breaking the silence created by the man who has just left. He helped her pick up the almost dead man from the floor. Black veins were visible all over his body. ‘That was why he fell. He must have been poisoned earlier’ Warren thought as they both helped carry up the dying man.

He knew an inn just a few kilometers from the forest and they had taken the poisoned man there. He wore a hood to cover his face since he could see his posters lying here and there as they walked towards the inn. She had also noticed the posters and gave him a look of curiosity along the way. He was still trying to figure out where he had met her. The bruises on her face made the situation harder but he wasn’t the type to give up easily.

They had arrived at the inn and the man was being taken care of. A healer was always at the inn In case of their customers got injured or sick.

“You must be very popular around here” She finally spoke. The two of them had been sitting for over half an hour and none had made the move to talk to the other. It wasn’t in his habit to be the type that stalled a conversation. He was rather a chit-chat and was always free with people, but he was lost in thoughts trying to figure out where her familiarity came from. “I guess so,” He said with a smile. She was referring to the posters they saw on their way. “It was you back at the market right? Did you follow me?” She asked. The market. Now he remembered. It was the hooded girl. Sian. The hoodie had hidden most of her face back then but he still caught a glimpse of her beauty. She was moderately busty and had hazel-colored eyes which were in perfect harmony with her hair. She is an Elemental. He could still feel the connection he had at the market with her now. “Sian right?” He asked. His face lit with a smile.