Chapter Eight Of “The Elementals” By Martins Aniagbaoso


He had made his way into the forest after his fight with the duo of assassins. He would travel under the cover of night. His fight had already stirred up the attention of many people and they stared at him with curious eyes as soon as he rushed out of his apartment. Walking through the streets, he could see eyes focused on him and people seemed to avoid him as if he was leprous. He soon discovered why.

A flier flew past his face and onto the ground behind him. A bounty had been placed on his head. Five thousand cold pieces. ‘Was he worth this much?’ He thought. Walking further down the street, he could see a gang of nonfriendly onlookers making their way toward him. He knew that if he continued walking in the open, he would run into more trouble faster than he could think. He hastened his pace and the gangsters did the same. The women were all staring at him in fear and disgust and the children seemed to be threatened already by seeing the reaction of their mothers and sisters. He broke into a brief run and soon it was a chase.

The gangsters were racing after him like a hungry coalition of cheetahs. He could easily take them on and win with very little difficulty but that will only give people the validation that they need that Elementals were dangerous. He was faster than them as he found his way out of their sight. Traveling outside in the open was a bad idea. He made his way into the forest. He would travel by nightfall.


The night was quick to come. He was fully rested and had made a meal out of a wild rabbit he killed earlier. The night was calm in these woods, the only things he could hear were the hoots of a preying owl and the stridulation of crickets. He would only travel at night since it was clear that he was wanted. He had to cover more grounds at night and then rest during the day. He had covered a considerable distance into the forest when he saw a cottage. He could hear the clanging sound of clashing metals. He chooses to ignore it. It wasn’t his business anyway. ‘it was strange for anyone to live so far away from civilization. This far into the forest, something was…..’

His thoughts were cut short when he saw a sudden burst of flame escape from the roof of the cottage.


He sent a wave of fire with every swing he made at the invader. He was overpowering him. The stranger was obviously on the bad edge here but he didn’t seem to use any sort of elemental powers. This stranger was powerful for one who wasn’t an Elemental, but he made a mistake by attacking his cottage tonight. He released multiple lethal attacks at the invader but he was still able to hold his ground even when he was clearly at disadvantage here.

Hia breath was running out as he tried to keep up with this flaming ninja. Most of his clothes have been burnt from the flames that came at him. Even though he was able to dodge most of them, some of the attacks still hit him. He wasn’t an Elemental and this was the mere reason he had trained his life to be stronger than them and kill any he crossed path with. A beserk elemental had killed his younger brother when they had gone hunting and ever since then, he dedicated his life to Killing them all. He made a swift bend and cut through the seething flames that approached his legs before making a double jump backward. Half of the cottage was in ruins. And debris of burning wood dropped down from above. He also had to drive and dodge those if he was in this fight.

The flaming man’s attack seemed to be getting slower. He smiled. The poison from his blade had started its effects. It would be a victory for him soon. He must give him credit for lasting this long against his poison. It was a lethal poison gotten from the glands of a Greening’s frog combined with those from a King Cobra. Most people would die within minutes of injection but this man had proved him wrong. He had withstood the poison for more than half an hour and was still going.

He could feel his heart gradually slowing down and his blood flowing almost constantly. His movements were slowing down and life was swiftly draining away from him. He knew he had been poisoned from the stab he got earlier. He was only still standing because his body temperature had stopped the poison from taking effect immediately, but the wound was taking Its toll on him and he was losing the strength to sustain his powers and fight at the same time. His temperature had dropped and the poison had started its effects immediately. His hands were shaky but he still stood his ground.

He released another wave of flames but it was obvious they didn’t pack a punch. His knees became wobbly and everything began to spin. He was losing consciousness. ‘what would happen to Sian if he passed out. His condition couldn’t be helped. This was bad’ His final thoughts before he collapsed to the ground

She had jumped in and attacked the invader immediately Aaron touched the floor. Even though he was worn out, he was still a match for her. “If you won’t come willingly with me, then I will have to take you by force” There was no solemnity in his voice any longer. All she could hear was pure hatred and a thirst for blood. He was also attacking and he didn’t hold back. ‘This man is a monster she thought. He was worn down but he still gave her a beat down. She was no match at all for him. “I will cut those legs of yours and drag you down to my master!” He shouted as he kneed her on the stomach and knocked her down with the butt of his katana. Her staff had fallen out from her reach and she was helpless on the floor as he approached, his blade held up ready to come down at her at any moment ‘Was he going to amputate her legs? Will she die before she got vengeance for her family?’ thoughts raced through her mind as he drew nearer to her. Part of his mask had burnt off from Aarons’s attack earlier.

She could see not only despair but hate and vengeance in his anger. His face looked calm but his aura spoke more than his expressions. He had reached her and the blade was already coming down on her when a sudden burst of air sent him flying backward.