Chapter 4 & 5 of “The Elementals” By Martins Aniagboso


He waited till she was close enough to attack, he would dodge her attack at the last second before ending this quickly. She could see through all his thoughts with only a glance at his calculative expressions. She had studied thoroughly throughout their past training sessions and she knew exactly how his facial expressions changed whenever he was against an attack difficult to block or counter. The only option was to dodge. She made a swift clockwise turn as she swung the staff at him but he dodged just as she expected. He turned swiftly, his blade held up high. This match was over. She loved the look on his face as he stared in surprise. The impact of the staff on the floor after the dodged attack had bounced it right up into the air and she was coming down at him with a bicycle kick mid-air.

Swiftly crossing his arms in an ‘X’, he successfully blocked her kick which made him stagger backward a bit. A quick twitch of the head saved his eyes from an incoming attack. She wasn’t holding back, and he wouldn’t go easy on him if he continued to underestimate him. “You’ve improved” he complimented as he moved some scattered hair off his face.

It was high time he got serious. This time he will attack and he wouldn’t hold back. He smiled at her just before he dashed towards her. She could barely react to his movements and soon she was sent flying across the field by a kick to the torso. She bounced up quickly still recovering from his first attack but he was already too close. His katana was in the air coming down at her. There was no time to dodge, her only option was to block. She raised her bo staff to block just before the blade finished its downward motion but the impacts made it almost impossible to keep in her grip.

She caught a glimpse of an approaching foot just in time for her to dodge and regain her balance. He had a grin on his face which told her he wasn’t going to hold back. He rushed at her once again, his full intent on disarming her but she wouldn’t budge. She knew what he was up to, with the force of impacts of his blade attacks she could easily make out he wanted to disarm her but she wouldn’t give him what he wanted. Struggling to keep her weapon in her possession and keeping up with his attacks were torture.

She wasn’t fast enough to match him and if she didn’t block with her staff then her only option was to dodge and she didn’t reaction speed to match his combat speed. She was already worn out from blocking his unending series of attacks but he didn’t seem a bit fatigued. She blocked a swing from him but ignored his legs. She was only focused on his weapon and had forgotten that his blade wasn’t only the lethal thing he possessed as he delivered another powerful kick to her lower abdomen which sent her flying across the field and crashing into a pile of barrels.

She was just like him, and elemental in a place they weren’t wanted.’ He thought as he concluded his ablution. ‘Living must be hard for her, she could barely afford her groceries’. Not like he cared anyways. Living, in particular, wasn’t easy for him also. Being born in a family of nonelementals, his elder brothers dreaded him, his mother wasn’t different either. His father wasn’t always home so he didn’t know how he felt towards him. His entire childhood was a complete disaster. The only friend he had was his younger sister. She had always been there for him through thick and thin.

Always comforting him. But now she was married and he was all alone again. He didn’t hate his family though, he understood them completely well. The name elemental was already enough to set fear into your enemies. His brothers had always tortured him with how evil anyone called an elemental was. “But not all of them are bad” He would reply as a child but they didn’t seem to care. Every elemental was bad as long as it concerned them.

They were mostly correct, blessed with such powerful ability could make one go mad with power. People were so much scared of their power that the nations had connived to wipe them all out leading to the clan massacre ten years ago. Only a handful was left around the globe and a target was constantly on their backs. Nations wanted to exploit their powers in wars while some of the nations just wanted them out of existence. He was also on the run, when the public discovered his prowess, they wanted him executed but his father wouldn’t allow it. His father was a centurion in the royal army and was always away from home most times, but this time he wasn’t going to leave home until his son was safe. He lost his ranks in the army because of his actions but the king was compassionate. He had retained him in the army but he had lost all the respect of the public. He was only seventeen when he left home but he had been able to fend for himself and live a modest life since then. He was currently staying in Atresh but that didn’t mean people hadn’t heard of him.

He could still hear rumors about him on the streets of where he resided and he knew that soon enough he would be on the run again. He slid into his blue silk shirt before heading towards the door, he wanted to get a few things before things got out of hand. Two strangers stood right outside his door and they didn’t look like friends. He knew they would come for him but he didn’t expect this soon. He took two steps backward, the men had already drawn their swords and he was still unarmed.

They made quick successive movements towards him with the intent to kill. Their attacks were coordinated and they flowed with each other’s movements. They were pros, assassins from the look of it. He threw up the table in front of him to serve as a shield from an incoming slash. If things continued like this, he would be dead in a matter of minutes. He had to get his weapon and fast. Making use of the opportunity, he raced to his room and grabbed his weapon. A pair of blades Tonfas. He made a quick turn to the left to prevent a strike from cutting through him and blocked another strike from the second assassin, an immediate downward bend spared him another day to live as a sword swept over his head.

Sweeping the first assassin off his feet, he proceeded to deliver a horse kick to the second one before making a move to the exit, but they were fast, he could feel the wind giving way behind him and he knew immediately something was approaching. A swift sidestep was enough to dodge an incoming dagger as it plunged into the wall in front of him. Being an air elemental had its benefits. He could feel movement in the air within a two-meter radius and it was a very proficient perk in battle. They were already up and after him, he made a double slash attack at the first assassin but he was fast to dodge and block. The second assassin made a stab attempt but wasn’t successful and in a split second his head was off of his body. Warren had grabbed his forward to stab and had decapitated him with one powerful backslash. Blood spluttered out from his neck just before his body dropped to the ground. The first assassin took a glance at his partner and Warren could see anger and tears in his eyes. He was swinging carelessly at him now. The death of his partner had all on him.

Tears dropped from his eyes as he continued his careless attacks which only left him open for Warren to serious damage from Warren. He was soon on his knees with Warrens’s blade pointed towards his neck. “Who sent you?” Warren asked trying to control his breathing. He took a step forward towards the assassin and pulled off his mask. It was a She instead. Tears were in her eyes and she wasn’t looking like the type to give him answers. “Who sent you?” He repeated. She was unyielding, but he couldn’t find the courage to kill her. Something in him told him that the other assassin had meant more to her than just a partner.

But if he didn’t kill her now, she would probably come after him and he knew there were more from where she came from. “What are you waiting for?” She finally spoke, “kill me!” She screamed as more tears poured down her eyes. He couldn’t help but pity her but it could only go one way, it was either they killed him or he killed them. He turned his Tonfas and using its blunt end knocked her unconscious.