Polls will close by 7:00 PM today in one of the US most keenly contested midterm elections. Over 40 million Americans have, so far, cast their votes – a million more than the 2020 early voting record. Of the 23 states that have reported early voting statistics, Republicans represent 1 in every 3 early voters, whilst Democrat voters stand at 43%.

Despite plans by Democrats to peddle anti-abortion laws and the Jan 6th incident as America’s biggest problem, over 51% of Americans will throng to the polls with issues of the dilapidated American economy at the back of their minds. Biden has failed, many believe. The Obama henchman has struggled unsuccessfully to shift citizens’ attention away from its disastrous economic decisions, rather choosing to sow seeds of division, by vilifying the idea of a possible Republican takeover countless times in his campaign speeches.

It becomes worse when the failure of the former Vice president is placed side by side with the prosperous economy inherited from President Trump in the run-up to the highly controversial 2020 polls. Trump engineered the biggest job growth in America’s history, cut back on the migration crisis with a secure border wall, held a grip on global foreign policy, and masterminded one of the fastest economic recovery plans amidst COVID-19. Six months into Democrat presidency, the earliest sign of a clueless government began to manifest as Biden oversaw a  million COVID deaths —200,000 more than under Trump —despite vaccine availability.

No thanks to a corrupt partnership with Ukraine’s Zelenskyy, the press-shy leader worsened decades of diplomatic relationship between Russia and the US in less than two years, leading to a catastrophic war that has since claimed millions of COVID survivors and ground global prosperity to a halt. Booed by the Saudis, mocked by China’s Xi Ping, and unable to fully control Iran’s excesses, the US has been transmogrified into a weak, clueless, hotbed of foreign policy blunder – a reflection of the White House occupant.

Now, with Republicans likely to gain control of the upper and lower houses if elections remain devoid of mail-in fraud, Biden will live out the next two years in perpetual failure and without any widely felt contribution to economic good. The hasty ban on drilling, the shortlived marijuana pardon, rebutted lies on job growth and economic gains, and the secret order given to US banks to continue backdoor business with Russia, only mean one thing – Biden is great at creating the appearance of success but not so great at actually succeeding.