Award Day: Briefing On The Face Of Hez Media Celebration

face of Hwz Media award day
Hez News

 By Chianugom .

A huge Milestone for Hez news media.

Saturday, the 13th of August 2022 was like other normal Saturdays except it wasn’t. It was on that day that Hez news media had its first ever award show. A feat a lot of people deemed impossible but as things turned out, it was very possible and not even the dull weather of that day dimmed the joy of the occasion.

I happened to be there as well and from a first hand view of the occasion I can safely say it was an award show in a million. The atmosphere around the event place could have brought a smile on the face of anyone no matter how sad, there was booming music from a credible Disc Jockey(DJ), the songs had every one dancing or tapping their feet in rhythm with the songs. The decorations made the place look very pleasing to the eye and the lights gave it a whole new posh look.

The personalities that graced the occasion left me wondering just how big Hez news media was. Big names were mentioned and even those who couldn’t make it that day sent more than a thousand naira to sponsor the occasion. Important men and women came from all around the country to not only support but share wisdom from their ever wise life experiences. They had the guests rapt with attention as they told stories and gave life long advices. There were talks on a lot of important aspect of life especially as young people, they also praised the dogged founder of Hez news media, congratulating him and offering prayers on his behalf.

As the occasion was an award show, awards had to be given to the deserving people. The position of the face of Hez media had been a competition going on for a while  and that occasion was organized to give the winner(s) their merited awards. There was a 2nd runner up, a first runner up and then the winner. Each went home with 50,000 naria,70,000 and a 100,000 naria cash price respectively amidst a number of other gift items. Who will be able to forget the intensity of the cheer that went up when these winners were called. Indeed passers-by had to stop and ask what was going on to bring such joy from people.

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The founder Hez news media has loyal friends in different places as I found out that day. The support shown to him in terms of money, human resources and words of encouragement nearly brought tears to my eyes. His former classmates from College of immaculate Conception Enugu, his friends from Church, from work and just people who find him very inspiring, turned up in their numbers for him offering their  services anyway they could.   Everyone became one to make sure his event turned out well. His team was wonderful, being nice to the guests, offering services any where they can all in all everyone put their everything in to make  it such a success.

No celebration would be enough without entertainment and refreshments neither of which this occasion was lacking. The performers who were called didn’t disappoint in anyway. They were on time and impressed the guests  so thoroughly they showered them with money. The food was refreshing enough. I could confidently say that every guest went home belly full of all sorts of delicious goodness. The Master of the ceremony and the Hype man were so funny and lively they almost had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter.

It will be an understatement to say the show was a success. It was everything we hoped for and more. A very big milestone for this fast growing organization. I feel it is safe to say that more will be coming from the Hez news media team as this was only their first ever award show. They are persistent and efficient and the world is ready for people like these who not only dream but work towards said dreams.

The new ambassador of Hez News and Media is Amb. Mr. Miracle Okoye U. From expression, exhibition and appearance he is a worthy ambassador of Hez News and Media.