Apostle Joshua Suleman- Do Not Give Money To Any Lady This Christmas



By Edward Emmanuel C.

Talking at a community gathering on Sunday, Apostle Suleman weeped over how relationship has been transformed into an undertaking for ladies in the 21st Century and their primary point is to take advantage of men to meet their monetary requirements.

He prompted youngsters not to give their sweethearts cash who they are not hitched to and disregard their moms.

“A youngster meet a woman and the following thing she said is, what will you give me? Is relationship a deal? On the off chance that a woman ask you what you will give her, you also ask her what she will give you for sure has she given you. Try not to disregard your mom and gives cash to a woman you’re not hitched to.

I’m prompting you with the goal that you will not spend your Christmas in torment. Your mom is in the town, your kin have not eaten, your parent are abandoned at this point you’re gathering Christmas cash to provide for a woman you’re not hitched to.