An American lady leaves US for Kenya to hawk on the street, because of love



By Donald Isife

Photographs of a wonderful woman who Hawks on the road has truly produced blended responses on the web. This woman has been recognized by the name Sylvia Bichanga.

This woman moved to Kenya subsequent to wedding her first love, Kelvin Bichanga. The inquiry many individuals are posing is what truly set off this white woman to settle on such a choice?

As I would see it, I think one thing that set off her to settle on this choice is love. Genuine affection is unqualified and furthermore extraordinary. A woman who adores a man will adjust to any length without being concerned as long as she will be with the man she cherishes.

It is of no question that she may appreciate in the US than in Kenya, yet what makes a difference most is that she is with the one she cherishes. With the choice, this woman has made, I figure their marriage will endure or go the distance.

As an individual, would you be able to go this far and beyond because of affection?