Alex otti Assures Abia State workers of Good Days ahead


Abia Governor-Elect, Dr. Alex Otti, has assured the workers and pensioners of the state that their days of gloom are over, as he promises prompt and regular payment of salaries and pensions once he assumes office on May 29. In a goodwill message to the workers to mark this year’s Workers’ Day celebration, Otti personally signed a message titled “At last, Help is Here,” declaring that his emergence marks a new era in Abia.


In the message, Alex Otti commended the workers in the state, including those in the local governments, for their resilience, long-suffering, and uncommon dedication to duty, despite being owed many months of salary arrears. He acknowledged that poorly remunerated workers pose a security risk to society, and promised to prioritize the welfare of workers.

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Otti said, “I have always held the view that a worker that is neglected or poorly treated is a threat to the economic prosperity of a state. I’m convinced that God saw through our hearts, hence, He crowned our efforts with that nationally celebrated historic victory that has given us the platform to serve you.”


Despite the daunting challenges being handed over to him by the outgoing government, Otti promised to hit the ground running immediately after his swearing-in on May 29. He said, “We are not unmindful of the enormity of the rot ravaging every sector of our economy, vis-a-vis the humongous liabilities being left behind by the outgoing PDP government, however, we are undaunted because we came prepared and will therefore hit the ground running, despite the challenges.”


Otti also saluted the workers in the State and Local Government civil services and congratulated the organized labour led by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress (TUC), and other such bodies on this year’s Workers’ Day celebration.


The governor-elect assured workers that their experience of celebrating the Workers’ Day on empty stomachs would soon be a thing of the past. He commended their resilience, long-suffering, and uncommon dedication to duty in the service of Abia State, assuring them that very soon every sector of the state will witness transformation.

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