Advice To Americans Against Helping Only Palestinians While Neglecting Israelis

Advice To Americans Against Helping Only Palestinians While Neglecting Israelis
Advice To Americans Against Helping Only Palestinians While Neglecting Israelis

Advice To Americans Against Helping Only Palestinians While Neglecting Israelis

As people who care about peace in the Middle East, we are writing this piece to help you think twice before donating money to Palestinians. The United States government continues to give money to Palestinian causes while ignoring the violence and oppression that exists within their society. While we all want peace in Palestine, there are many other ways that we can help promote peace without giving aid directly into the hands of people who hate Americans and Israelis alike.

You hate on Netanyahu’s regime but you ignore that Abbas has been in power for 14 years. He is not an evil man, just a failure. He has failed to stop the terror attacks against Israel, he cannot negotiate with Hamas and he has no intention of putting an end to their war against Israel either.

You help Palestinians who are purportedly victims but you only pay attention to the victims of Palestinian violence if they’re Israeli.

You may be tempted to think that Palestinians are being oppressed by Israel when it’s their society and culture that oppresses them. The reality is that many Palestinians see themselves as victims of their leaders, people, culture, and religion.

You donate to Palestinian causes and hate on Israelis, thinking you are helping the weak but enabling terror by shooting money at Hamas rather than fighting it.

You may think that by donating to Palestinians you are helping them, but this is not true. Your donation may be financing terror against innocent Israelis. Donations from American citizens have been used to fund Hamas’s activities since the 1990s when it started receiving funding from Arab donors via charities such as Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). IRW also works closely with other Muslim organizations such as CAIR/ URAVCO which promotes anti-Semitic propaganda through its website and social media accounts; these groups use their websites as platforms for promoting hatred towards Jews using inflammatory language such as “Jews control America.”

You think you are helping Peace by ignoring the violence of Palestinian society and its leaders against Israel, when in fact this attitude will only lead to more conflict.

The Palestinian leadership does not want peace. They have been inciting against Israel for decades, and they continue to do so today. They will never be able to achieve their goals through negotiation or compromise; they only want to destroy Israel so that they can take over its land and establish their state. This is why the violence must stop now!

You think you are preventing War by throwing money at Palestinians without asking what they are doing with it. In reality, Hamas does not use your money for food and shelter, but for anti-semitic indoctrination and tunnels towards Israel to attack civilians.

You should also be asking: Why does Hamas need tunnels? Because Israel destroyed all the bridges and roads between Gaza and Egypt in 2007 to cut off its supply of weapons from Iran through Egypt (and later ISIS). Why does it need rockets? Because Israel has bombed almost every factory in Gaza since 2005, killing thousands of workers who make these weapons (and other goods) on behalf of Hamas leaders living in exile in Qatar or Syria while they hide behind civilian populations that are being used as human shields by terrorists who know full well that no one will do anything about them because then everyone will blame the Jews again!

You want Palestinians to be free but you don’t care that West Bank Arab women suffer from honor killings, Female Genital Mutilation, and other crimes against humanity perpetrated by their societies. These crimes would not be tolerated in America or Europe yet somehow it is okay for Arabs in the West Bank to do so because supposedly they are victims who have a right to do whatever they please (according to many college professors who teach this way of thinking). Many people know about these crimes but don’t care because Palestinians are seen as “victims”.

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In America, we see ourselves as a nation of laws where everyone must follow the same rules so we can all live together peacefully without having war break out between us again like what happened during World War II when Germans were killing Jews and Americans were fighting Germans over there in Europe. But when it comes down to it though, most Americans don’t care about what happens abroad unless there’s something bad happening close by the home like terrorism or crime waves caused by illegal immigrants crossing our borders illegally into our country!

We should all be concerned about the growing number of Palestinians who support terror against Israel. However, we must also learn how to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians by supporting peace initiatives rather than violence. We can help both sides by donating money that goes directly into their hands so they can use it for food or shelter and not Hamas tunnels towards Israel to kill civilians. The best way to stop terrorism is not through aid but through education, which means we must teach them about Western values before they start attacking us.