A UNN Student Ojiaka Peace Who Published A Novel” The Determined” At The Age Of 16 And Was Interviewed By Channels TV Is Getting Ready To Strike Again


Hez News has gotten details of a feminist, girl-child advocate, and lover of achievements by name, Peace Ojiaka who has written and published her first work of art “The Determined Girl” in 2019. The propelling string that allures great minds in her work of art, drew the attention of the Channels Tv Book Club to place her on an interview as a girl child advocate in 2020.

She did a wonderful performance at the studio where she was interviewed and there is no doubt, that she stands tall among other women in her class and status.

Below is the link to the interview she had with the channel Book Club👇https://youtu.be/D6tzCg3wgl8

Peace Ojiaka


My name is Ojiaka Peace Chinaemerem, 19year old, born November 19, 2002.
After attaining my primary and secondary school certificate, I’m currently a 200level student at, department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nigeria

A lot of factors inspired me to write this book. My inspiration came from interaction with family members and people from different environments coupled with different novels that I’ve read like Think Big by Ben Carson
I was the head girl of my set 2018/2019, a girl child advocate, and a member of the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN) UNN. My book has been reviewed on the 3rd of November,2020, and I have been interviewed as a girl child advocate on the 13th of October,2020 concerning the girl child. I have participated in a lot of knowledge gaining programs in terms of academics and technology

I always endeavor to volunteer for community service anytime I get information on them.
There is usually advice at every corner of one’s life but my specific advice to students is that don’t ever think you are too small or too big to start working on your ideas. You never can tell where they will take you and also always ensure to get hold of information about your interest because trust me when I say information is the key to your drive.

Peace Ojiaka Standing With Channel Book Club Co-ordinators


My advice to my supporters is no different from that to students. In addition to it, when your ideas come to take note of them somewhere you store data and from time to time you begin to feed and nurture your ideas most times is good to open up sincerely to yourself, for yourself, and by yourself. Lastly, whenever you have an opportunity to help someone, don’t hesitate to do so. I want to say a very big thank you to all my readers and supporters who have helped me in their beautiful ways to push the book forward. I’m grateful and hope to release another epic one for you guys. A very big thank you to my lovely parents who made this real for me.


“The Determined Girl” is a book every teenager must-have. It chronicles the foundation of growing children, especially teenagers. It highlights the importance of hard work, simplicity, attitude, and direction. The book, therefore, in simple terms teaches moral lessons for upcoming teenagers who want to be successful, outstanding, and meaningful in life. Teenagers learn easily from others. So this enthralling book will teach and motivate them to make wise decisions.


The Novel “The Determined Girl” is taking another dimension. Plans are being made toward televising it and also transforming it from a written work to a dramatical work of art which will be in form of movies.

A lot of lessons are saddled in her work and it will be a great slight to the faces of well-meaning people to come across her work without making it open for the public to consume for development and growth.

To this effect, Ojiaka Peace and her team appeal to the entire public for sponsorship and support toward succeeding in getting her work displayed in a movie form.

“The Determined Girl” by Ojiaka, Peace is one in a million. Don’t forget to get your copy for personal consumption and also connect it to your loved ones.