A UNN Lecturer Almost Stoned A Female Student To Death


A UNN lecturer from the faculty of Art, stoned a student on the head which almost got her killed.

According to our Source, “the lecturer came in for a lecture but the class was noisy and disoriented,while he was trying to calm the students to sit down so he could proceed with his lecture, the girl was still standing”.

He then took a stone from wherever he got it and stoned the girl on the head, seeing the girl was on the floor bleeding , he behaved lackadaisical about the situation and continued his teaching”.

“The students however reacted to this and tried to call the lecturers attention to what he just did but he locked himself inside his office till the school security agents toom him away”.

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It is important to note that the girl is from the department of English and literary Studeis(ELS), Faculty of Art,UNN.

The student has been rushed to the school’s medical centre where adequate medical attention has been given to her and is recuperating from the incidence.


Shortly after the incident, the student union government took action and released a notice to all students of university of Nigeria Nsukka. It reads,

In wake of the unprecedented occurrence at Faculty of Art Lecture Hall, a 100L student of English and Literal Studies identified as *Mecha Blessing Chinyere* was assaulted by a certain Lecturer.

*Mecha Blessing Chinyere* has been admitted in the Medical Centre as she has been stabilized while been watched closely by medical staffs of the university.

The said lecturer is currently in Security custody and will remain there till the necessary actions are taken and he is dealt with.
A lecturer has no right to assault any student!.

We urge all students to keep calm and be rest assured that justice will prevail.