A Capable Boris Johnson Deserves Another Chance

Boris Johnson


The future of Great Britain will be decided in no distant time as Boris Johnson has been pressurised to resign as the Prime Minister. This is coming after about a month he victoriously scales past the vote of confidence when the Labour-controlled media daily over flogged his ‘partygate’ actions.

Obviously, Tory MPs and many voices within their constituents including government officials are finally conditioned by the relentless media, to hate their conservative leader, much in the same way America was riled up against Trump’s Republican party.

Currently, about 40 members of his cabinet have resigned which is largely engineered by labour-leaning media who weaponized their freedom of speech to disseminate an unforgiving hatred for BJ.

Despite the clamor from its party members, Johnson still holds the record of delivering Tories their greatest victory in over three decades. Beneficiaries of the victory under the conservative party must never forget. It is unfortunately shameful that the same beneficiaries have turned to pressurize Johnson to resign, all to the excitement of a selfish and jealous, yet less powerful caucus.


The UK under the leadership of Boris Johnson has resolved the long Brexit crisis and created a new and friendly relationship with the European Union. Also, when the world was hit by the global pandemic, the UK led by Johnson showed the drive and grip to deliver the first approved vaccine anywhere in the world followed by the fastest vaccine roll-out in Europe.

The aforestated achievements amidst others are a great signal to the Britons that Boris is still capable to exert the same energy to achieve more in the future. Boris is human – imperfect, and more humane than a majority of the agitators as depicted in his ability to show remorse, apologize, and pay all fines lashed at him during the party gate scandal. Thus he deserves another chance in the interest of progress for the UK.

A powerful and preposterous media is out to poison the perception of Britons into believing PM Johnson is less capable as they have made it a daily obsession to vilify Boris Johnson, even going as far as spinning trivial issues like the appointment of Pincher.

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The perfect plan of these based fellows and leftwing media is to oust Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister as they did to Donald Trump of America and Benjamin Nathayahu of Israeli. This is a call to all and sundry to support and encourage Boris Johnson to keep up his great work including helping Ukraine in its difficult time; India, Brexit, and many others.

Boris Johnson as he asserted: “The job of a prime minister in difficult circumstances, when he has been handed a colossal mandate, is to keep going, and that’s what I’m going to do”, must remain resolute and focus on his good works regardless of the pressure from the detractors, oppositions, and enemies. We should all stand firm to encourage him as no one is above mistakes. Let him who is without sin be the first to cast the stone at him.