5 Benefits Hilda Will Get From the World Record She just Broke


A lot of people have been asking what Hilda Baci stands to gain as a Guinness record holder.


1. Global Recognition

The Guinness World Record certificate is accepted globally and the holders like Hilda of this certificate are known all around the world. This means that holders can attain fame even if they were unknown before receiving the certificate.


2. Good For Her Brand

The current wave and heightened attention Hilda is getting will rollover to her personal business brand.


As She had Broken the record, her brand’s “value perception” will definitely soar high making it more appealing globally


3. Endorsement Deals

Hilda can ride this current and use it to create other pet projects around “cooking”


She won’t be finding it difficult to get endorsement for any project she initiates going forward as big brands would want to associate with a “Big Name”


4. Social Media Income

She is positioned to skyrocket her social media value, both as a person and for her brand.


She is already witnessing massive growth across various platforms, and that could grow even more when she wins, translating to more income for her!


5. National Treasure

Breaking a World Record or setting one puts an individual on a different pedestal in his/her nation


Hilda is already being praised for her courage to attempt the record


As a record holder, Hilda has inked her name in Nigerian history.

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