2017 Set C.I.C Enugu Rejoices Over The Release Of Their Member

2017 Set C.I.C Enugu Picture section
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2017 Set C.I.C Enugu rejoices over the release of their member who was accused wrongly.

The case was between the government of Enugu State and the two brothers, Nnamani Daniel and Nnamani Anthony, who was accused of raping a nine-year-old girl.

The case commenced in November 2021 as they were sent to the prison without a court hearing.

These two brothers have no helping hand to fight through their predicament.

Due to this condition and the number of months they have spent in custody without proper judiciary action, the 2017 Set (Old Boys of C.I.C Enugu) took it up to fight for their bail.

As luck was on their side, during the first hearing on the 1st of June 2022, and untold truth was discovered that there was manipulation by a young lady whom the young girl stays with to lie against Nnamani Daniel and Anthony.

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At the disclosure of this inhuman action, wickedness, and injustice, the court adjourned to grant them bail on the 10th of June 2022.
A picture section was granted to them as everyone depart to their respective homes.

2017 Set C.I.C Enugu Picture Section
A picture section after the signing

On the 10th of June, the day for the final signing, the court requested two sureties to their bailing, civil servants with level 12 and level 14, and their absence in the future will lead to them paying the sum of six hundred and fifty thousand nairas.

They were requested to come for their final bailing with the sureties on the 15th of June 2022.
Nnamani Daniel and Anthony arrived at the court at 10:50 am.

In attendance were, the defense counsels powered by CIDJAP, members of 2017 set C.I.C Old Boys led by Onyemaeme Daniel, the parents of the accused, family members, and friends.

The signing and other details for their bail were completed around 3 pm and all proceeded to the prison to receive them.
Around 5:45 pm they were released and handed over to the family and members of 2017 Set C.I.C Enugu.

There was jubilation, joy, and happiness among everyone present on seeing those two brothers in their casual wear after many months of being in prison.

Everyone proceeded to the CIDJAP, there was a prayer section, and later, the senior legal officer, Chief Barr. Egbuna addressed everyone and appreciated God and the 2017 set of C.I.C Enugu for their efforts, support, and love for oneness. And advised all to stay prayerful as they have another battle ahead.